Wealth Management for a New Generation of Investors

Lotus Asset Management is a boutique wealth management firm dedicated to setting a new standard for financial advice and investment management for high-performing young professionals. We are a full service advisory firm offering objective, comprehensive financial services including analysis of current portfolios, custom-tailored planning and financial modeling, and client-specific investment plans to suit the needs, goals, liabilities, and risk tolerance of each client. Our clients can range from individuals and families to foundations and endowments.

Our focus is to provide our clients with a fully dedicated, unbiased, and holistic wealth management platform that will strive to meet every need and build wealth for the next generation and beyond. Our primary goal is to meet all of yours.

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Rohit Padmanabhan headshot

Rohit Padmanabhan, CFA

President and Chief Investment Officer

Rohit is the founder of Lotus Asset Management and currently serves as President and Chief Investment Officer. He started Lotus AM to bring his extensive experience with high-net-worth clients to a younger audience that could apply his detailed advice over a much longer time horizon.

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Smart investing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Current events matter, and this year, the 2024 Presidential Elections are taking center stage. That’s rattling a lot of us, causing more election stress than ever before. 1 It’s also raising a lot of questions about investing in election years, how to respond to market uncertainty, and what money moves truly make sense. Here’s a handful of key factors to keep in mind when you’re investing in an...
In a perfect world, every money decision we make would be totally rational. We’d consider all of the facts. Then, we’d balance them with the risks to make the most logical choice available. 1 That sounds simple. Yet it doesn’t happen as much as it should in the real world. 1, 2 That’s because many of us aren’t relying on logic and the facts to make financial decisions—and we probably don’t even realize it. 2...
Rohit Padmanabhan |
Is inflation rising again? And if so, how will that affect the economy and markets?