74¢ < 61¢?

A known gender pay gap has been hugely detrimental to women’s finances, starting with lower lifetime income and longer life expectancy, which lead to a greater difficulty getting out of debt, and result in having fewer investment opportunities than their male counterparts. But what is almost as important, and sadly less recognized, is the gender investing gap. Women have historically been excluded from family finance discussions & education at a young age, putting them at an early disadvantage, and this lack of engagement has left women far less likely to invest, widening the income gap even further. Already starting with a smaller amount of savings, women tend to keep $0.74 of every dollar in cash compared to men who keep about $0.61, thereby growing their savings less substantially over time. How do we close the investment gap? Acknowledgement and education are a great start!

Source: https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2018/07...